Top 20: Best Anal Loving Pornstars & GIFs (2024)

The hottest amateur and professional whores included.


  1. Brazzers
  2. RealityKings
  3. BangBros

So, we are kicking off a new series for you, and instead of covering just the best pornstars, why not focus on the best scenes? Even if the pornstar is famous or super-hot, it does not instantly guarantee that all her scenes will make your dick explode in seconds.

This week we have already created a new series about interviewing famous pornstars. However, today it is all about hot, sexy anal porn GIFs. These are the best and, all in all, the greatest anal videos from 2017 to 2023. With the latest update this year, we have included six more superb GIFs you will love.

21. Ashlynn Leigh’s Anal Creampie

If you like ponytails, pigtails, or whatever, and girls that continue riding your cock after you finish, this one shall be a good warmup video. While she is not exactly my type, I would not mind fucking that ass. Multiple times and likely, even after that dude has finished.

Then again, my wife is not into anal, so please don’t assume it’s my fault. I can’t say I love the creamy white stuff pouring out of Leigh’s butthole; we always hated these lubes.

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20. Marsha May’s Blond Butt Sex

Okay, this is probably one of the more bizarre anal scenes I have seen in a while, and here is why. At first, Marsha looks hot, like the holy fucking shit type of hot. However, once you start fucking her ass, this pornstar transforms into some sort of ancient whore that is twice her original age. I have no idea what the fuck is going on there. However, the GIF is excellent, and if there are any experts, leave a comment below with your theory.

Word of caution, if you’re sticking a finger down there first, be sure it’s your girlfriend’s. You don’t want to end up with a smelly thing.

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19. Cherry Crush Experiences Tight Painal

This scene shall make you happy if you are into tight assholes and good gold round butts. We’ve featured this slut already on our top lists, so returning readers shall recognize this cute bimbo. So, it is good to see Cherry back for one of the best anal scenes of this year. Minus the ears, we approve everything.

I have since fallen in love with the kinky face, most likely after seeing that thick cock getting inside her. The unhappy expression makes my dick hard 100% of the time. That’s one of the critical points of an excellent anal pornstar, correct?

18. Unknown Amateur Anal

Well, there is some bad and good news. First, the good bit: it looks like the amateur survived, and her colon was not damaged! There was no blood or anything, even though it looked like a painal experience. What does painal mean? It’s anal sex with tight assholes and some unpleasantries. On the downside, she has deleted all her online profile data and videos.

In other words, this is the only anal video that there is. You are looking at the history, guys.

17. Veronika’s Clark Asshole Fever

Now, this one tries to trick you into thinking this will be some softcore vanilla porn. You got lots of teasing, foreplay, and other nonsense. However, it does not take long to reveal the true colors of this brunette slut and you are off for a treat.

Deepthroating, face fucking, small anal gaping, pussy rubbing are the names of this game. We could hide some gigantic objects down there, and our team can’t wait to see what’s next for Clark.

16. Lana Rhoade’s Ass Tasting

Don’t rush to skip this one, as the name might deceive you. It only starts with one of the best deepthroating ideas ever that is sadly cut. Then, it progresses to one of the better hard anal fucking and cock riding scenes we have seen.

Pause that idea and investigate, like Sherlock Holmes! Lana has a great asshole, excellent sucking skills, and everything about this video rocks.

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15. Ria Hill’s Sideways Butt Fucking

Okay, so this one is an interesting take on butt fucking. It’s from the guys of Pure Mature. Therefore, one can expect a decent amount of quality and, in this case, latex or leather clothing. So, relax and chill for a while right after a close-up of Ria getting fucked in the pussy.

Take a cup and fill it up before it proceeds into a wild ride! This is one good anal scene with pussy juices leaking. A few nice shots make me all happy and fuzzy inside, like a mother fucker.

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14. Sensual Dakota Skye’s Porn

Did you know that Manuel now streams on Twitch? He’s a regular dude that loves to play games. Guess banging hot pornstars is no longer that exciting. Anyhow, he is still active and does shoot fantastic porn videos. One of these is with Dakota Skye and in 4K.

Her scene starts like glamour porn, with vivid lights, soft touches, and the appreciation of the female’s body. Manuel Ferrara enters the scene five seconds later, and things worsen, at least for Dakota’s butthole.

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13. Mandy Muse and Trashy Anal

I have found this video quite satisfactory, like watching wave physics or ass movement. It might not have the highest resolution or clothing pieces full of luxury. However, I guess when you spend your whole carrier fucking whores in the ass, the trashy outfit is not something you should worry about anymore.

Anyhow, a nice bubble ass with a POV angle, minus the disgusting tattoo on her fucking shoulder, I am all in for more.

12. Dakota’s Home Made Amateur Porn

This girl is a professional; there is nothing amateur about her. Every single man who experiences this should fall in love. What about the source, and who is she? It was one of the random cam streams on Chaturbate a few years ago. That’s it!

I bet most girls you have fucked had trouble reverse-riding like this with cock inside her pussy. I would love for Dakota to know my name. Even better, someone should tell me her favorite car brand so I can take a loan, gift it to her, and propose.

11. Dahlia Sky’s Standing Anal

There is something magical about fucking her in the ass while both are standing. I guess it just looks like something fresh and exciting, but whatever, I am okay with any position. Dahlia is a stunning whore. Even the tattoos are great. Although, it’s a bit funny to learn that it’s not from the actual porn scene. This anal porn GIF is just a blooper, bro.

It seems as if a dude is shooting another scene on the left. Who wishes to be working there? Maybe in my next life.

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10. Haley Ryder’s First Anal Video

Yes, this was Ryder’s first attempt at anal, and she’s already among the greatest pornstars who love it. But, of course, the “virginity” claim is only valid for the porn sets; not sure about her real-life butt experiences.

Now, I do love this angle, and I do love the feeling of sticking my dick into the tight asshole. But look at her taking it like a champion, a trooper, and Captain America. Beautiful tanned butt, lovely face, great tits, and I am left surprised why that dude did not come already. I mean, I am done.

9. Brooke Sinclaire’s MILF Facial

If you love MILFs and anal, then good fucking God, have fun with this one. Many things are happening in this scene, and plenty of cuts to jerk off to.

While I am not a fan of pornstars with short hair, Brooke is an exception. She looks better than 99% of other whores on the planet. Also, the fact that she takes it to the ass, enjoys facials, and sucks dick well, does wonders for my eyes, ears, and other body parts. I have a sudden urge to scratch my balls now.

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8. Megan Rain’s Drunk Anal Games

Men have learned about this trick on their own, and that’s how evolution works. Only the strongest alpha males get to explore all the caves of the female universe. One can trick a girlfriend into fucking her butthole, assuming she is not into that kind of stuff already.

How does one do that? By getting super drunk and then accidentally sticking your cock inside. Thanks to the numbing effects of alcohol, this dude got to fuck Megan’s ass deep, wide and hard. Who knows, maybe next time, it can be a sex experience all sides can feel.

7. Tina Hot Waits for Anal Cumshot

The smile of an angel and some cum in between. I enjoy cumming on the girl’s ass, even if she is ugly. Not that I ever fucked a nasty chick in the first place since I fuck 10/10 models only, but you get my point.

Thankfully, Tina is hot, her pussy seems tight, but the asshole is even tighter. Like trying to fuck a pussy filled with glue. Everything in this anal GIF is epic. Look at that real, genuine smile again or that divine face after anal sex. It’s beautiful, and she is happy – a sign of true love.

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6. Haley Reed’s Anal Creampie

Nature has fucked us all. You can’t cum inside your girlfriend without the fear of getting pregnant. Thankfully, men thought of everything and found a workaround: anal sex. Haley Reed is the latest fuck doll to be blessed with a pile of hot cum. Where do I even begin? Let’s start from the beginning, I guess. Seriously, look at her asshole getting pounded super hard!

Add sideways action, the way everything stretches, her facial expression that makes it seem like she is about to cry, and the anal creampie that is fucking hot. Not to mention that she took all the extra cum and started eating it; holy shit, balls, hot.

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5. Brooklyn Lee’s Hole Switch

Oh, boy, this is a sneaky type of anal, and she takes it like a champ. Sure, there is some ass-spreading and clinching at the end, but this is a trooper. So, is this the best anal of all time? Well, there are only two downsides to this scene.

First, the dude’s asshole is covering 90% of my fucking screen. Second, there is some weird white string bouncing up and down. That makes me puke my guts out.

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4. Dakota Skye’s Ass Fucking

Yes, this is another mention of Dakota Skye, but you must not underrate her. She has appeared in more anal videos than most pornstars will do in their lifetimes. Dakota could be on the edge of retiring, with rumors floating around that her last scenes will be shot this year.

Stream as many ass fucking scenes on porn sites of her as you can before the Internet forgets. Please preserve this marvel and a truly talented, anal-loving pornstar.

3. Anikka Albrite’s Perfection

I can classify girls into three different categories. First, you got those with flat butts that aren’t a lot of fun. I mean, it’s still better than nothing, but there’s nothing to brag about. Then there are amateurs with extremely tiny buttholes, perfect for BDSM porn and domination. It takes some convincing, but they love it after the discomfort wears off!

Lastly, there is a group of butt goddesses. These are the pornstars born for anal, and this scene will show one such example. Anikka Albrite could fuck me forever and ever.

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2. Tina Kay’s Best Anal Performance

Tina truly enjoys anal sex to the point where she begs for it. Except for Sasha, I’d say this is as far as one can go without appearing freaky. You know video is good when you can’t focus on your article.

Beautifully shaped pussy with tight butthole, petite figure, and natural tits. You don’t have to worry if your dick is not that big. It goes to show that smaller is better, at least for anal. It’s not a recent scene since “PrimeAnal” long migrated to 21Naturals, but who cares?

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1. Sarah Banks’ Anal Porn Skills

We have added nearly 20 scene names, none featuring ebony or black pornstars. Thankfully, Sarah Banks did such a good job that we had to include her. Banging dark-skinned girls is truly something special. Fucking anyone that is not white gives me goosebumps.

Here, you get to see her full performance, albeit without sound and a much shorter one. Still, this is one of the best anal sex scenes from Sarah. A definite favorite for previous years and remains to be the number one dick pocket in 2024

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And these are the videos. We also did the best anal sites list if you are rock hard and want the best of the best. Stay awesome.

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